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Wave technologies

Current wave technologies have the capability of creating artificial waves that look and feel like the real thing: an authentic ocean wave as formed by nature. This allows us the potential of harnessing the richness and value of a real wave and offering it to the people at any time, and under less hazardous conditions than the ocean often presents. There are presently various wave technologies available, each technology presenting certain benefits and restrictions. The vastness of options on the market provides us the benefit of choosing from among different styles of wave creation installations:

  • Easy access to safe surfing environment
  • Flexible learning and training conditions
  • Predictability and scalability
  • Always waves regardless of weather conditions

Artificial waveparks are currently available in the countries of Sweden, Germany, Spain, USA, Filippines, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Peru and The Canary Islands.

Construction is in the planning stages in Paris, Wales, England, Russia and The United States.

Wave Technologies
Existing Wave Parks