Welcome to waveparkproject.dk. This site is dedicated to bringing the first artificial wave surfing facility to Denmark. In the context of our project, we are referring to surfing in its unadulterated, original form: an individual, a surfboard and a wave, with the surfer riding on the face of the wave, generating and maintaining speed solely through the power of the wave. No sail, no kite wave surfing which requires appropriate wave conditions to perform.

As dedicated surfers, we are working to establish a wave park with the primary goal of promoting the intrinsic values surfing can offer our community: personal value for individual practitioners; economic value for the local community; social value for the marginalized and disadvantaged.


  • Surfing is exciting and puts a smile on your face
  • Promotes dopamine release and stimulates flow
  • Excellent, healthy alternative to traditional club sports
  • Fresh air and excersize for all ages


  • Constructive, meaningful activity for disadvantaged youth
  • Great physical activity for those with certain types of disabilities
  • Therapeutic significance for individuals afflicted with PTSD, stress, depression, emotional challenges etc.
  • Endless project possibilities: integration, schools, organizations, socially challenged


  • Surfable waves stimulate local economic growth and development
  • Surf-related brands and merchandising generate billions in revenue, worldwide
  • Studies from USA indicate real estate value increase in surfing areas

Surfing in Denmark is currently riding the crest of a wave with the potential to anchor surfing as a mainstream activity across the country. This can be done using artificial, man-made waves to provide a greater number of our citizens the opportunity to benefit from the values surfing has to offer.