Project mission

Our Mission

To promote the alternative physical activity of wave surfing to all age groups, thus reaching a new audience that otherwise would not engage in any form – limited, at best – of physical activity. There's an abundance of team sports available, such as football and handball; however, not all individuals feel comfortable in such environments, which mean these individuals gravitate toward physically inactive hobbies, such as computer gaming and the like.

Unification of sports organizations

Bringing together assorted club organizations, such as surf, kayak, skate, parkour and climbing, enables us to present a variety of physical activities which have individuality in common. This means each of these sports are practiced individually, allowing participants the possibility of reaching goals individually, on their own terms. However, the culture of these activities is very social, allowing participants to be active on their own terms in social contexts and environments that promote interaction.

By creating and providing combined facilities where it is possible to surf, kayak, skate, climb and do parkour, participants will be exposed to several different activities, thus enhancing the probability of interdisciplinary participation.