WavePark Project is a non-profit organization consisting of competent volunteers for whom surfing is a passion and a lifestyle. We are deeply committed to the pursuit and expansion of a lifestyle and culture that flourishes elsewhere in the world, to include Australia, Hawaii, mainland USA, North, Central and South America, Asia and Europe. We find our motivation in the waves and the potential thereof, and wish to show Denmark what good surf waves can contribute to the individual and the community.

Mads Laurberg Halse: Founder & Project leader

With a background at Rambøll Management and Bytelab, Mads has worked as a consultant on tasks for The European Commission, The Municipality of Aarhus and Syddjurs, and various Nordic finance companies. Furthermore, Mads has been representing different American ski resorts on location and has worked with young people with difficulties. Mads is also an ISA-certified surf instructor and a board member of the Danish Surf & Raft Union.

Daniel Henriksen : Technical Consultant

Daniel graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from Aalborg University. He has been working for the wind, oil and gas industry as a consultant, but is now employed at Cimbria A/S, which produces equipment used in the drying and handling of seeds and other crops. Daniel has enthusiastically travelled and surfed around the globe, is a former competitive swimmer and highly competent life guard, having worked at Kystlivredningstjenesten on Sealand for several seasons.

Ebbe Kjær Skau : Marketing & Communication

Ebbe completed his Bachelor in International Business Communication in the summer of 2014 and has started on his masters in IT, Communication and Organization at Aarhus University. He is currently working with SEM and online marketing. Ebbe made his surfing debut in the summer of 2009, immediately recognizing that surfing was to be a part of his identity. Denmark is his favourite spot, due to the awesome people in the line-up and the calm atmosphere in the water.

Jan Bue Laumark : Marketing & Communication

Jan graduated with a Bachelor in International Business Communication; English & Communication. He is currently working toward a master in Information Technology, Experience Design. Aside from his studies, Jan has worked as an Experience Guide and in communication. Jan was born and raised in central Jutland, where summers reek of manure and his playground was in the pastures. Jan loved it. This is where he discovered his love of nature and outdoor living, which led to a passion for surfing, almost five years ago. Jan is a surfer because it gives him a feeling of joy, community and freedom. He loves this sport because he can decide when and how to do it.

Søren Kloster : Project Development

Søren has lived in Aarhus the past 16 years. He loves the developments the city has undergone and is driven by a vast array of people. Raised on the rugged west coast, the wilderness and the ocean have always appealed to him. This is why surfing has become a central part of his life. When Søren and his family are not out enjoying nature, he works as a project manager and a project developer, with intercultural collaboration or CSR. Søren is stoked to introduce surfing and the many benefits water can offer to the citizens of Aarhus.